I’m a crappy blog host.

I’ve got quite a bit to say, but don’t want to let it trickle out in comments here. I want to make proper posts, but it will take a good chunk of time for me to organize my thoughts and write them. Unfortunately, I don’t have nearly the amount of time available for that as I did when I started the blog, so I don’t have an estimate for when that will be.

Please know that I’ve read every comment. I truly appreciate everyone who has commented here, and I feel terrible about the dearth of my replies. (A bit of the same has even happened in private correspondence with a few of you. My apologies for that, too.)

If I’ve offended you, and you want to talk about it, please feel free to use my Contact Me page, email me directly, or comment here. I’m also open to suggestions, ideas, thoughts, constructive criticism…whatever.

8 thoughts on “Sorry

  1. Howie

    Take your time – it’s your blog and I think most people understand that we’ve all got busy lives.

    Hope you’ve been doing well. Looking forward to reading your posts whenever they come out.

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  2. Ruth

    Like Howie and Victoria, in your own time…in your own time. Writing posts can take a while. They do for me, at least. It takes me a while to get my thoughts together. Even then after I press “publish” I always think of something else I should’ve said.

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  3. Sabio Lantz

    Heck, it is your blog, your time — enjoy! At whatever pace.
    To keep my blog going, I keep varying the subject matters which I write on. This tends to dilute readers of a certain sort: People only interesting in attacking Christianity fade when I write on Buddhism, People interested in Buddhism fade when I discuss Hinduism and most fade (well, except you) when I write about poetry. BUT, if the blog is our journal, our art, we do not need to worry about readers or being a host. We offer who we are — with all our limitations.

    Best wish on this blog.

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  4. haydendlinder

    “I’m a crappy blog host.”
    Seriously, anyone who truly cares about what you think and what you want to express will not mind waiting. I know I don’t mind and I look forward to reading what you think the minute you get the time. Have fun and take what time you need.

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  5. Professor Taboo

    I completely concur with everyone’s comments. It’s YOUR journey! Not necessarily to rush to the destination — assuming there is a destination on a planet, in a solar-system that is a speck in its galaxy, in an incomprehensible cosmos — that for billions and billions of years has been evolving non-stop from the sub-atomic level to the most macroscopic mankind knows so far… *deep breath!* 😉 … but within THAT sort of perceived exhistence, this particular soul-person knows that the Law of Conservation of Mass/Energy, or Laws of Thermodynamics, freely allow me to enjoy, study, examine, re-examine, question, question more, revise or overhaul previous theories or conclusions, etc, to my hearts content! More importantly, at my own pace… YOUR own pace Sir!

    With that said…take ALL the time you need. Your fine. We’re fine. 🙂

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